I am the Walrus! Or At Least Published at Walrus

(All four variant covers of issue No. 1 of Legends of the Dark Knight, autographed by Denny O’Neil. Yeah. Dig me.)

So I’ve been talking for almost a month about how I was going to write up my experience with legendary Batman writer Denny O’Neil (I know, he did other stuff, shut up) from his appearance at Project: Comic Con here in St. Louis June 9. I was honestly going to blog it and then I became involved in a relationship with locally-owned and operated Walrus Publishing, a group by and for St. Louis-area writers. It happened in STL, Denny’s an STL native, so I waited so I could have the story published on their site. Everybody’s happy.

To read the awesomeness that was Denny O’Neil, click HERE. I’m going to write some other stuff for Walrus as well, such as book reviews and literary event coverage. I’ll post some info here, but be sure to check out the Walrus Publishing website by clicking on the link over to the right on this page. You won’t regret it.

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