GUEST BLOG: Armand Rosamilia Talks Miami Spy Games

Who is this goateed badass that makes Kerry King look like the bassist in a Nickelback cover band? He is Armand Rosamilia and he is responsible for some of the best zombie fiction in the genre over the last few years. His extreme zombie novella, Highway to Hell, was reviewed on this very blog a while ago and now, he is promoting his latest endeavor, Miami Spy Games. As a fan of both the artist and his work, I’m gladly giving up some blog real estate to talk about his new offering.

Miami Spy Games

Questions About The Serial with Armand Rosamilia

I love getting questions from readers, whether they are good or bad. I’ve compiled a few of them here and decided to answer them for everyone. Just because I wanted to. I kept the names off of them but privately answered these already. The Miami Spy Games: Russian Zombie Gun twelve-part serialization has just been put together in one massive release, and I am quite proud of it.

Where did the idea for
Miami Spy Games come from?

It was technically a gift. AK Waters came up with the concept and got in touch with Hobbes End Publishing to find the perfect writer to put his idea into words. That’s where I came in. I’m sure they tried 147 other authors before they chose me, lol…

Who are the main characters based on?

From what I understand, the three main characters (Jennifer Sanchez, Mike Martin and Mark Kostas) are named after real people, but I’ve never met them or been given any real information about them. Which is probably good, because it allowed me to write them the way I wanted to and not based on real people in my mind. Conversely, Dale Comstock is based on a real American Bad Ass, so I had to tread carefully with his character. Plus, he could crush me like a grape.

Are there plans for another season?

I sure hope so. Right now it is in the hands of The Powers That Be, but it looks pretty good. Sales are steady and the buzz is growing. Besides that, I love writing these characters and this story was so much fun. We already have a tentative idea for the next one, and I even foreshadow it in this book if you are paying attention. And I hope you are paying attention!

Did you write this with a television series in mind?

I wrote it with the thought it would make a good one, and I would hope the publisher also had the idea, but we never sat down and wanted to do it this way. It just organically happened. Would it make a great TV series? Of course! And not just saying it because I wrote every brilliant sentence of it, either. Well, maybe that had something to do with it. We’ll see what happens.

If Miami Spy Games was made into a movie, who would play the main parts?

I pictured Michelle Rodriguez (Resident Evil, Girlfight) as Jennifer Sanchez, Mark Wahlberg (Three Kings, Shooter) as Mike Martin and a young Steve Buscemi (anything he’s in is great) as Kostas. And Dale Comstock will play himself.Since I won’t ever tell him no for anything.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the Miami Spy Games world, enough to go out and grab a copy… and make me super rich so I can finance this bad boy myself, and have a huge Hollywood blockbuster movie and merchandise like action figures and McDonalds Happy Meal toys… and anything Dale Comstock wants, of course.

If you have any questions about the Miami Spy Games series, I’d love to hear them:

Miami Spy Games on Amazon Kindle only $3.99!

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