What the Alt-Left Media Isn’t Telling You!

The Alt-Left media won’t tell you the truth. For example, they won’t tell you the real story behind this photo from last weekend’s Charlottesville protest.

The truth is, this is a group of friends who graduated Harvard together (the gentleman on the left is heading to the institution’s prestigious Law School in the spring semester after he travels Europe in the fall). They came to Charlottesville to peacefully protest what they see as the obliteration of American history, not the removal of the statue of a man who led an Army to ensure slavery and its repercussions remained legal. These are every day Americans, just like you & me, who want to protect our history and promote peace and equality in this country.


Just fuckin’ with you. They’re fucking white trash scumbags who should be punched in the dicks repeatedly until there’s no possibility of reproduction.

Have YOU punched a Nazi today?

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