MFR Review: CONAN #10, Mo’ Babies, Mo’ Problems

For my latest comic book review over at Monkeys Fighting Robots, I look at Jason Aaron's run on Conan, specifically Conan #10. On the heels of his legendary Thor residency, Jason Aaron shows off a human side of the Tales of the Barbarian, if not for Conan himself. The blood of Conan has strength, due to … Continue reading MFR Review: CONAN #10, Mo’ Babies, Mo’ Problems

MFR Review: NIGHTWING Annual #2

My latest work over at Monkeys Fighting Robots is a review on Nightwing Annual #2, in which Dick (er, RICHARD) Grayson recovers from the bullet to the dome he took from KGBeast over at Batman. While some annuals over the years have been integral parts of the title's mythology, others have the feel of a … Continue reading MFR Review: NIGHTWING Annual #2

I’m Writing About Comic Books!

Before my obsession with my grandbabies, before racing, even before Star Wars, I loved comic books. Now, I'm writing about them. I'm a staff writer for Monkeys Fighting Robots, an incredible site dedicated to comic books & their wonderful stories. My first piece is on the X-Men (my all-time faves) and the theme of love during … Continue reading I’m Writing About Comic Books!

Top 50 Greatest Librarians, Ranked

Meghan Mullally's librarian in Parks & Rec is the greatest ever. This cannot be debated. That being said, Barbara Gordon (Batgirl!) was a librarian once & we all know she's a queen of badassery. And what of Jedi librarian Jocasta Nu! Did she make the cut? The folks at LitHub have their opinions of who … Continue reading Top 50 Greatest Librarians, Ranked