The Illusion of the Hard-Working Me

An incredibly rare pic of me doing real work. When I'm not bitching about politics or writing about comic books, I do drag racing stuff. Right here, I'm at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway doing PR for the legendary Street Car Super Nationals. It was my eighth-straight year doing it & to say … Continue reading The Illusion of the Hard-Working Me

MFR Review: TMNT 100-Believe The Hype

I was never a huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Granted, my experience is from the 80s cartoon & the brutal first movie, but I always dismissed them as lightweight. I had heard about how gritty the original comic was, but I've mostly been a Big 2 type of reader, so the whole phenomenon … Continue reading MFR Review: TMNT 100-Believe The Hype

Should Writers Use Social Media?

I'm a big fan of Writer's Digest. Been a subscriber for years, have entered their contests, and have paid to participate in classes & workshops they provide. In addition to tips, interviews, and the like, they're stewards of the craft, meaning they feel it necessary to leave the state of writing better than they found … Continue reading Should Writers Use Social Media?