MFR Review: NIGHTWING Annual #2

My latest work over at Monkeys Fighting Robots is a review on Nightwing Annual #2, in which Dick (er, RICHARD) Grayson recovers from the bullet to the dome he took from KGBeast over at Batman. While some annuals over the years have been integral parts of the title's mythology, others have the feel of a … Continue reading MFR Review: NIGHTWING Annual #2

When Did Batman Turn Into Iron Man?

(Batman: Then & Now) I love Batman. Always have, even in my younger days, when I first started reading comics and was a Marvel guy. While I was collecting X-Men in the late 70s, early 80s, I was reading Batman. The X-Men had some great storylines at the time focusing on some of the personal … Continue reading When Did Batman Turn Into Iron Man?