319 Comedic Fantasy Books That Are Awesome

(Should've been at least 320...just sayin'...) I found this list on Goodreads. It's user-generated and is the top 319 comedy fantasy novels of ever, at least to this user. There are definitely some inconsistencies (all the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books are listed, but so are the anthologies; same with Robert Asprin's MYTH books), … Continue reading 319 Comedic Fantasy Books That Are Awesome

In Too Deep

Another Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge from his Terrible Minds blog. This time, it's a 1,000-word story, written 200 words at a time, using someone else's beginnings. Three different people have written the prior 600 words, I have written the last 200 and, hopefully, someone will choose to finish up with the final 200 words. … Continue reading In Too Deep