Happy Birthday, Lord of All Evil!

As I often do, I'm taking part in another Chuck Wendig Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge. This one is based on this Tweet from a Twitter account that does nothing but throw out insane writing prompts. We're about to see how pure evil celebrates a birthday. And no, it's not political. But this one is. … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Lord of All Evil!

Inauguration Day Brought to You By Burt’s Bees

(Washington D.C., January 21, 2017)   January 23, 2017, 1637 Hours Looking back, it's hard to figure out why we didn't suspect the bees in the first place. The scientists kept telling us they were mysteriously disappearing, that something man-made was killing them off. We were bombarded with data saying if the bees disappeared, it … Continue reading Inauguration Day Brought to You By Burt’s Bees

Is That You, Lemmy?

(Photo by Andre Rodrigues)   Eric missed Lemmy. It wasn’t the kind of longing one feels for an old friend he hasn’t seen in many a moon, or the type of heartfelt sadness a person carries with them after a lover has decided to call it a day. It was the feeling of loss that … Continue reading Is That You, Lemmy?

Grandma Shirley

Another Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge via his amazing blog at Terrible Minds. Here's the deets on the piece. You can see which of the five seeds I went with. It's not the best piece I've ever written, but it's the first bit of fiction I've done in awhile. Enjoy. ----------- “Where is it?” “Huh?” … Continue reading Grandma Shirley


Chuck Wendig has once again put out a great Flash Fiction challenge at Terrible Minds. This week is combining those terrible spam e-mails written by someone who understands English as a third or fourth language with a horror-based theme. I wasn't planning on participating because it sounded like work and I'm not a fan. However, … Continue reading DON’T LET YOUR S0UL BE L0NELY!!!

A Tale of a Racist Fish

(This is what happens when you Google "Racist Fish.")   Another one of those great Chuck Wendig flash fiction challenges over at Terrible Minds. Last week, the challenge was to write a very simple but very powerful single sentence. This week, the challenge was to pick one of those sentences and create a story around … Continue reading A Tale of a Racist Fish

A Mother’s Love

Another Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge by Chuck Wendig. One thousand words. Here we go. ------------------- "Wanna hit?" "No, Mom, I'm good." "You sure? Good stuff." "Yes, Mom, I'm sure." Most 12-year-olds being offered a toke off their mother's joint during breakfast would naturally assume there was no way she was being serious. But that's also assuming … Continue reading A Mother’s Love