The Zombies of the Longbox Graveyard

I began my brutal addiction to comic books in 1980. At the time, I wasn’t overly discerning. I would read both DC Comics and Marvel Comics, but as time went on, Marvel became my main fix with GI Joe, the Avengers, John Byrne’s amazing run on Fantastic Four, and Chris Claremont’s equally-outstanding tenure on X-Men. Read the rest of my … Continue reading The Zombies of the Longbox Graveyard

I’m a terrible hypocrite

(I win the internets.) I am a terrible person. No, don't argue with me; it's true. I will take to Twitter on a regular basis and mock people who beg for RTs because it's their birthday or because some relative survived skin tag-removal surgery. The worst are the people who asked to be RTed due … Continue reading I’m a terrible hypocrite