A Mother’s Love

Another Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge by Chuck Wendig. One thousand words. Here we go. ------------------- "Wanna hit?" "No, Mom, I'm good." "You sure? Good stuff." "Yes, Mom, I'm sure." Most 12-year-olds being offered a toke off their mother's joint during breakfast would naturally assume there was no way she was being serious. But that's also assuming … Continue reading A Mother’s Love

I’m Going To Kill Frank Leonard

Once again, I've taken up the challenge set by Chuck Wendig at his Terrible Minds blog. This time, we were tasked with a thousand-word piece that must include at least ten of the following words:  Beast, brooch, cape, dinosaur, dove, fever, finger, flea,gate, insult, justice, mattress, moth, paradise, research, scream, seed,sparrow, tornado, university Game on. … Continue reading I’m Going To Kill Frank Leonard