A Mother’s Love

Another Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge by Chuck Wendig. One thousand words. Here we go. ------------------- "Wanna hit?" "No, Mom, I'm good." "You sure? Good stuff." "Yes, Mom, I'm sure." Most 12-year-olds being offered a toke off their mother's joint during breakfast would naturally assume there was no way she was being serious. But that's also assuming … Continue reading A Mother’s Love

Fly Away

Writer Chuck Wendig laid forth the following challenge at his Terrible Minds blog and I accepted. Please enjoy the following. And enjoy Mr. Wendig. He is a man who wants, nay demands, writers to be better at their craft. --------------------------- “Hey. Tony.” “Yeah, Frank.” “I’m floating.” “Huh. So you are.” It was true. Frank was … Continue reading Fly Away