14 Vintage Writing Tips

Ever wonder how similar or how far apart we are from writers of different generations? Ponder no more! Writer's Digest provided this delightful list of 14 different tips provided by editors of the magazine going back to the early 20th century. Grab your favorite fountain pen, find some quality paper, enjoy the words and then … Continue reading 14 Vintage Writing Tips

The Jennifer Sweet Problem

(My story isn't nearly as interesting as this picture's origin. For reals.) This fuckin’ kid, man. Christ. Look, I know my job isn’t very kid-friendly and I know they have a right to defend themselves, but man, this kid is too much. My name’s Kevin and I work at an odd place. We provide childrens' monsters with … Continue reading The Jennifer Sweet Problem

Happy Birthday, Lord of All Evil!

As I often do, I'm taking part in another Chuck Wendig Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge. This one is based on this Tweet from a Twitter account that does nothing but throw out insane writing prompts. We're about to see how pure evil celebrates a birthday. And no, it's not political. But this one is. … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Lord of All Evil!

Is That You, Lemmy?

(Photo by Andre Rodrigues)   Eric missed Lemmy. It wasn’t the kind of longing one feels for an old friend he hasn’t seen in many a moon, or the type of heartfelt sadness a person carries with them after a lover has decided to call it a day. It was the feeling of loss that … Continue reading Is That You, Lemmy?

Grandma Shirley

Another Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge via his amazing blog at Terrible Minds. Here's the deets on the piece. You can see which of the five seeds I went with. It's not the best piece I've ever written, but it's the first bit of fiction I've done in awhile. Enjoy. ----------- “Where is it?” “Huh?” … Continue reading Grandma Shirley

The Legend That Is Nipple Clamps!

Another of Chuck Wendig's Terrible Mind Flash Fiction challenges. This time, we were to visit this page of unexplainable stock photos, pick a random pic, and write a thousand words about it. The pic above is what I got. The words below form the story I wrote. ----------------------- If asked, Anthony would say he’s a … Continue reading The Legend That Is Nipple Clamps!

INTERVIEW: Best-Selling Harlequin Romance Author Michele Dunaway

I've known Michele for awhile and in addition to being a good friend, she's a great writer who has been an invaluable resource to me in my own writing career. I was thrilled to be able to chat with her about her career and her thoughts, as a romance writer, on 50 Shades of Grey. … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Best-Selling Harlequin Romance Author Michele Dunaway