Losing Sucks, Especially at Indy

(Originally appeared at DragIllustrated.com Sept. 17, 2018) You know that feeling when your favorite NHRA racer is having an incredible weekend and then loses in the first round on Sunday? Sucks, right? Let me tell you, it sucks even more in E1 on Monday of US Nationals weekend. I know because it happened to me. … Continue reading Losing Sucks, Especially at Indy

Zizzo: I’m Not the Giant Killer, I’m the Giant

(Originally appeared at DragIllustrated.com Sept. 2, 2018) The Rust-Oleum Rocket is on jack stands. The supercharger is on a table next to the car. Most of the livery is off, the engine in pieces. Crew members, seemingly at random, zip around the pit, adding a part here, tweaking a belt there. It’s chaos with the … Continue reading Zizzo: I’m Not the Giant Killer, I’m the Giant