The Zombies of the Longbox Graveyard

I began my brutal addiction to comic books in 1980. At the time, I wasn’t overly discerning. I would read both DC Comics and Marvel Comics, but as time went on, Marvel became my main fix with GI Joe, the Avengers, John Byrne’s amazing run on Fantastic Four, and Chris Claremont’s equally-outstanding tenure on X-Men. Read the rest of my … Continue reading The Zombies of the Longbox Graveyard

For the Love of Libraries

I just read an article in Writer’s Digest with four successful writers describing how libraries played a central part in their lives. It made me think about my library growing up in Bowling Green, Mo. Janet Fitch said something that resonated with me. She said she used to ride public transport to the library when … Continue reading For the Love of Libraries

It’s What You Say, Not How You Say It

Patton Oswalt's special "Talking For Clapping" was, as are all his works, completely brilliant (and tragically aired the day his wife died). He did a bit during that show about how there are far more LGBT allies in the world than you would think because some sincere people are shunned by that community because they … Continue reading It’s What You Say, Not How You Say It

I Gave Up Political Posting for Lent

I went the entirety of Lent without posting or sharing a single political comment on any social media platform. It was an interesting experiment, especially considering the first day of Lent was marked by the Parkland shooting and pretty much continued to go downhill. I learned a lot and have decided to, for the most … Continue reading I Gave Up Political Posting for Lent

No, Not EVERY American Deserves to Be Heard

(Photo by Travel + Leisure. NOTE: This is not the pic from today in Houston) A friend from Texas posted a pic of AF1 at the airport. Yes, it's impressive. Seriously. That's a big-ass plane. And it's a unique experience. Someone commented on that post "If it was Obama, he'd be at golfing." (His grammar … Continue reading No, Not EVERY American Deserves to Be Heard

What the Alt-Left Media Isn’t Telling You!

The Alt-Left media won't tell you the truth. For example, they won't tell you the real story behind this photo from last weekend's Charlottesville protest. The truth is, this is a group of friends who graduated Harvard together (the gentleman on the left is heading to the institution's prestigious Law School in the spring semester … Continue reading What the Alt-Left Media Isn’t Telling You!

General Leia Organa: Official Obituary

(General Leia Organa: 1956-2016) It's almost cliche to discuss just how awful 2016 has been, whether it's the rise of Trump and the post-truth world in which we live, the rise of terrorism affecting, you know, white people, and the continuing and alarming rise of gun violence. On top of all that, however, is the … Continue reading General Leia Organa: Official Obituary